The Bands for Mandeville Reunion 2017


We begin with AMEDEUS FREDERICK & A5, ​​so be ready to groove.

ACOUSTIC HARMONY - Come here the familiar tunes you will
want to sing and dance to by Dave Gutierrez and Jim Boudreaux ​

​STREET PARADE will finish up with some more rock and fun music.

Many thanks to Peter Philibar for coordinating our music
and also to Mike Coscino for dedicating his time and equipment​!



 Open up in traditional style with:
Have some fun with this not-so-typical country band - 

Enjoy more of your favorite tunes with - 
Keep on rockin​' with:
​                            ​
Last, but not least, enjoy some ​cajun soul and zydeco with:
​​​​​​​​​​Remember - Let's Keep Mandeville​​ Beautiful! PLEASE pick up your trash.