​​​​​FUN THINGS........

​HAVE FUN WITH THE MANDE MILKSHAKERS !!!  The ladies will be dancing and getting the crowd going !​

VISIT OUR KIDS TENT WITH THE LITTLE ONES FOR SPECIAL THINGS JUST FOR THEM: Borrow a football or frisbee, create a craft or blow bubbles 

PLAY GAMES: This year we will have organized games including sack races, three legged races, egg relays, and corn hole

LISTEN TO THE BEST BANDS AROUND: Musical entertainment starts at 11:00am so see our Music page for the lineup

​​BAKE MUCH? ENTER OUR PIE JUDGING CONTEST TO WIN A SPECIAL PRIZE AND BE FAMOUS AROUND TOWN. Bring your home-baked pie to the welcome tent and register no later than 12:00 noon. Judging shall commence and winners will be announced just before 1:00pm ​All ages are welcome to participate.
​See below for rules and guidelines. 


​FEELING HUNGRY AND ADVENTUROUS? ENTER OUR PIE EATING CONTEST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A SPECIAL PRIZE. Register no later than 2:00 at the welcome tent and be ready to eat by 2:30 ! Participants must be at least 18 years of age and sign a waiver.​​​​​​​​

Pie Baking Contest Rules & Guidelines:

Entire pie must be homemade, crust, fillings and toppings!
Pie must be in a disposable pan with a disposable cover, unless you bring a domed cover. You are responsible for picking it back up)
Must be an amateur baker to enter.
Pies must be dropped off and you must register no later than noon at the welcome tent.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Remember - Let's Keep Mandeville​​ Beautiful!
​PLEASE pick up your trash. 

Please come out and enjoy the day.
​It will be good to see you and your family under pleasant circumstances!

By visiting or participating in the Mandeville Family Reunion event(s), various games, contests, crowds of people, and equipment will be on site and the weather may be very warm or hot. You should not enter any games or events unless you are properly fit and medically able. Be aware of any potential risks and assume those risks. You or your family assume any and all other risks, foreseen and unforeseen, including, the effect of the weather, the condition of the area, and the increased chance of injury due to activity of this nature, any sickness including COVID virus. Mandeville Family Reunion, any and all sponsors and directors and officials and the City of Mandeville, it’s employees or directors, are not responsible or liable for any injuries or situations arising out of or in the course of any participation in this event. In the event that any photographs or videos are taken of you, they may be used in public media, websites, paper propaganda or social media.